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I am a celebrity and I am insecure, so I need to know if you think I am an “f+” or an “f-“. Either...
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F+ or F- for the fast food chains

Please f+ or f- the fast food chains
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Current Movies

Please f+ or f- the current movies
George Zimmerman trial wtf


How do you grade these headlines? f+ or f-
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Battle of the Superheroes

Which superhero would win? Current Standings
Pamela Anderson wtf

Battle of the Playmates

Which Playmate is more f+?
Jodi Ann Paterson wtf

Top Playmates (all time)

Please f+ or f- your favorite playmates (yes, there can be an f- playmate!)
Superheroes wtf


Please f+ or f- your favorite superhero
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Getting a Facelift — Opening Soon!

Winky The Face is being reconstructed to bring you a once in a lifetime experience. Please be patient!.